Oh So Sultry In Pantyhose

Looks like we just got caught trying to sneak a peak at our favorite pantyhose babe Elise. Oh well, we will no doubt get an eyeful while we can!

Driving Us Crazy

If you want to know how to stop traffic dead in it's tracks than look no further! Our lovely Elise demonstrates just what it takes. Decked out in her red heels, tight skirt and nude pantyhose, Elise is dressed to thrill!

Kicking Up Her Heels

It can sometimes be tough strutting around an incredibly sexy pair of legs. So we can understand why our lovely Elise may need to take time out during the day to put up her pretty feet and rest a while.

Better On The Floor

We started to wonder just how our sweet Elise ended up on the floor completely bottomless in just a pair of sheer nude pantyhose. But then we decided it's sometimes just better to enjoy our good fortune than to question it.

Elise In Red

Here we find our lovely Elise in her new red undies and spiked heels. The way her shapely legs look in pantyhose always makes me weak at the knees. With out a doubt Elise is one sexy Milf.

Now That's Really Groovy

I think we can all agree this is one "groovy" skirt! And let me tell ya, Elise wears it like no one else. Add the sheer nude pantyhose, frilly socks and high heels and we have ourselves a winner!

A Peek Up Her Skirt

At times Elise can be quite the flirt. Here we find our lovely pantyhosed babe positioned just enough to give us a very nice view up her tight skirt. She is such a “stunner” and those black pantyhose make our hearts skip a beat!

Something From The Bar

What a fantastic appetizer Elise would make before dinner. A little wine, a sexy short skirt and of course, silky nude pantyhose and high heels to top it all off. I’m pretty sure my evening would be like a night in heaven.

Pillow Talk With Elise

Okay so you just check into your hotel room after a long flight. Just think instead of finding a mint on your pillow you glance up to see Elise sprawled across your bed in a short skirt and smokey pantyhose! Please don’t wake from this dream.

In The Sultry Night Air

A night on the balcony finds Elise relaxing by her hot tub in a sheer pair of sexy pantyhose. Judging by the look on her face she wouldn’t min a little company . . Yowza!

A Night In The Park

Here we find the lovely Elise lounging on a park bench on a warm summers evening. If we were only so lucky as to pass by, what a fantastic view of those sexy pantyhose covered legs we would have!